UAV drill for fighting COVID-19 spread was held at the Orlovka test airfield

Each country is fighting against COVID-19, trying to stop the skyrocketing growth of cases. In the current reality, when the rate of illness in Russia is still at its highest, IANS in cooperation with other participants in the Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) market offers a set of effective measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus.

On April 11, 2020 at the Orlovka aerodrome in Tver region UAV tests were conducted in order to solve problems connected with overcoming the spread and consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Various operations were performed jointly with partner companies on an initiative basis with the use of UAVs in the emergency area. All activities were initiated within the scope of IANS project “Creation of a digital and flight platform of the unmanned aerial systems test site” (UAS site) according to the Aeronet National Technology Initiative.

The comprehensive event included:

  • joint flights of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and aircraft (AC)

  • algorithms development  for interaction between Emergency Medical Services, EMERCOM, law enforcement agencies, search squads and UAV operators

  • prompt delivery of medical supplies and COVID-19 test samples over long and short distances using aircraft and multi-rotor type UAVs

  • UAVs disinfection after operation in an emergency zone

  • population warning drill in a wide area using UAVs with a extended operation time

  • regions and zones monitoring which are potentially dangerous for the population and immediate reporting to law enforcement agencies

  • contaminated zones disinfection using UAVs

The drill showed how modern technologies can be used to fight the pandemic in any, even remote regions of the country.

Medical supplies delivery

Long-distance delivery of medical supplies using an airplane-type UAV

Alerts for the population from the air using UAVs with a long flight time


UAV disinfection after working in an emergency zone