Orlovka Test Lab Services

Currently Orlovka test lab is accredited to carry out the following works:

  • evaluation of an unmanned aircraft flight characteristics (take-off weight of up to 500 kg)

  • evaluation of an unmanned aircraft control systems characteristics (takeoff weight up to 500 kg)

  • evaluation of an unmanned aircraft optoelectronic and radar systems characteristics (target loads of UAVs)

After UAS test site commissioning, both flight test facility and Orlovka test lab will be able to provide a full range of UAV flight tests under the programs of factory certification and lab tests for obtaining a type certificate.

Scope of Orlovka test lab accreditation

Contract for conducting flight tests of unmanned aerial vehicles

Planned further expansion of the permitted certification works and tests types:

  • tested UAV weight increment to 1.5 tons

  • certification works and the external pilot station tests

  • certification works and UAV-C2 management and control channel tests

Orlovka test lab accreditation in the Federal Agency On Technical Regulating And Metrology (ROSSTANDART) allows provision of voluntary UAS and UAV certification services (with maximum take-off weight of up to 0,25 to 30 kg) for aerial application (aerial photography, cargo delivery in cities and over the crowds as well as BVLOS flights).