Air Navigation Committee at the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia

The Air Navigation Committee was established by the decision of Supervisory Board of the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia on July 10, 2013. This Committee is an advisory body providing operational and comprehensive preparation and implementation of the Supervisory Board decisions in the field of air navigation support. The chairman of the Committee is Mikhail Kizilov.
Meetings of the Air Navigation Committee are held in IANS headquarters.

Committee main functions:

  • development and harmonization of the legislative and regulatory framework in the field of air navigation industry regulation in the Russian Federation

  • assistance in the international certification procedures implementation compliant to ICAO standards

  • creation of conditions for the implementation of advanced industry, national and international standards into the air navigation industry of the Russian Federation

  • integration of Russian specialists into relevant international organizations

  • representation and protection of air navigation industry interests in federal, regional and local public authorities as well as in international organizations

About the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia

The Union of Aviation Industrialists (UAI) unites Russia’s major aircraft enterprises.

The enterprises which are a part of UAI produce more than 70% of total production volume of Russian aircraft industry. A common position of aviation industry enterprises on cooperation, standardization, creation of quality management systems and other issues are developed at Supervisory Board meetings.

One of UAI tasks is to develop a system of voluntary certification in order to include enterprises of the Russian aviation industry into the list of certified suppliers.

In order to achieve the set objectives UAI cooperates with aviation unions and associations. UAI aim is to spread the world community requirements for products among the enterprises in order to avoid restrictive measures against Russian aircraft manufacturers and improve their competitiveness.

For the international experience implementation UAI enters into cooperation agreements and develops joint work plans with national associations of other countries. UAI representatives take part in international exhibitions and conferences held by national aerospace industry associations of Europe. Since July 2012 UAI has been a full member of the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industry Associations (ICCAIA).

The Union of Aviation Industrialists established upon the initiative of the aviation industry enterprises is an integral part of the aviation industry. The UAI member companies also hold an annual competition for the “Aircraft manufacturer of the year” award.

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