Meteorological X-band RADAR Station MONOCLE




Meteorological RADAR Station MONOCLE is intended for collection, processing and timely provision of radar weather information to meteorological services and civil (state) aviation units and/or any other interested users. Such information includes:

  • fields of cloudiness

  • precipitation and related weather hazards

  • precipitation intensity

  • wind characteristics in the detected cloudiness

  • vertical and horizontal wind shear

  • turbulence

MONOCLE’s base component is a weather radar station emitting probing radio pulses, reception, signal pre-processing and digitization. The space is scanned by a narrow conical antenna pattern beam, sequential azimuthal viewing in the horizontal plane and subsequent switching to elevation in the vertical plane.

Primary and secondary data processing, storage and display are carried out through an automated workstation. Radar signals are processed on the basis of coherent digital processing of the complex echo spectrum. Meteorological information can be transmitted to external users in BUFR codes.


MONOCLE allows to:

  • detect and classify meteorological phenomena during circular and sectorial  scanning of the area

  • detect hazardous turbulence and wind shear, primarily in aircraft  takeoff and landing sectors


MONOCLE advantages in comparison with conventional RADARs:

  • high quality of information on high-speed and turbulent characteristics of weather phenomena

  • low power consumption

  • small dimensions and light weight

  • low cost of installation (permanent construction and land claim not required) 

  • low maintenance cost

  • safety of use

  • possibility of installation on  existing buildings, high-rise structures, masts

  • possibility of installation on mobile platform

  • possibility of autonomous work



The RADAR installation takes 2-3 days for the mast with weights. Installation doesn’t require land claim.

установка мон 1.jpg
установка мон 3.jpg

Installation examples for high-rise buildings, masts, mobile platforms.

мон 12.jpg
мон 10.jpg

MONOCLE RADAR station is ecology friendly and low power consumption equipment. The required power is less than 100 W. The average value of the energy density outside the hazardous area is less than 1 muW / cm².

Монокль с опасной зоной eng.png


Integrated status of weather RADARs

Weather RADAR observation data


RADAR network deployment:

In favor of timely preventive measures and public informing about the hazardous weather phenomena MONOCLE RADAR station can be merged into a network, which allows to expand the control area and increase the response time. During the network deployment, the terrain topography is taken into account.

The RADAR network allows to:

  • obtain meteorological information

  • provide the received information to different categories of users including via web technologies and mobile applications

  • store the archived information