Temperature Profiler MTP-5



The automated complex for remote temperature sounding MTP-5 with the meteorologist’s workstation is intended for temperature profiles measurement at various altitudes.

This is an autonomous, all-weather measurement system that does not require radio sounding data.

MTP-5 has the Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments RU.C.32.002.A №45688 and Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate of EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and amendments 93/68/EEC thereto.


Temperature profile is created according to the results of an elevation sounding of atmosphere thermal radiation at a fixed frequency.The technology ensures reliable performance in fog and precipitation conditions


MTP-5 provides:

  • continuous and regular (every 5 minutes) real-time measurements of temperature profiles up to 1000 m altitude

  • statistically valid representation of temperature profile data up to 2000 m height

  • mixing layer altitude dynamics monitoring

  • the origin, development and destruction of temperature inversions observation

  • Icing zones detection

MTP-5 allows to:
  • display the online air temperature profile data received from MTP-5  according to altitude levels with discretization of: 25m in the altitude range of 0…100m; 50m in the range in the altitude range of 100…1000m; 100 m in the altitude range of 1000…2000 m

  • measure the following values:

         - the altitude of the condensation level, T0, T-10, T-20, T- 22 isotherms

         - icing altitude levels

         - altitude of the convective instability layer

         - temperature on the standard pressure surfaces

         - intercepting layer parameters (inversion layer altitude, inversion power, inversion layer thickness) 

Optionally MTP-5 with the operator’s workstation provides:

  • the upper-air sounding data display

  • extended data on temperature profiles up to a height specified by user composition  based on measurement results blending with numerical model data of high-resolution weather forecasts



Data from MTP-5 can be effectively applied to solve the tasks of identification and short-term forecasting of the following hazardous weather phenomena:

  • wind shear and turbulence;

  • fog and low cloud cover;

  • icing

  • freezing precipitation

  • adverse conditions for the pollution spread

The received data can be transferred to a Meteorological RADAR Station MONOCLE to validate the weather phenomena radar data.

The temperature sounding results can also be used in numerical weather forecasting models in order to  improve the forecast data quality.




МТР-5 data display option

Dynamics of the surface layer temperature field

Temperature stratification dynamics for 24h observations

Tabular presentation of temperature stratification characteristics