Automated Weather Observing Station (AWOS)



AWOS is designed for detection, processing, display and transfer (of) the meteorological parameters data in real time.

The station includes automatic meteorological sensors and measuring instruments that operate continuously and autonomously.

AWOS possesses the IAC certificate and the Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments of Rosstandart.

Intended use:

AWOS is designed for meteorological support of aviation transport, scientific research in the field of hydrometeorology, as well as monitoring the state of the environment in areas where transport communications, industrial and defense facilities are located. The station provides continuous measurement and monitoring of atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, wind direction and speed, precipitation intensity and other parametrs.



Basic configuration

  • set of sensors for ground-level meteorological values: atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation intensity

  • control module consisting of a unit for collecting, processing and visualizing weather information, a sensor connection unit, a power supply unit, a battery pack and a mounting cabinet

  • set of connecting harnesses and cables

  • set of mounting parts and accessories


Atmospheric Precipitation Sensor

Combined Temperature (T) and Humidity (Rh) Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

датчик направлия ветра.jpg

Wind Direction Sensor

Extended configuration

  • solar photovoltaic battery

  • precipitation sensor with a stand

  • mast with sensor mounting elements

  • GPRS/3G data transfer kit (modem)

  • Iridium data transmission kit (modem, antenna)

AWOS provides automatic measurement, conversion, display and saving of weather parameters as well as allows to:

  • connect main and additional weather sensors via analog and digital inputs

  • receive and automatically process meteorological sensor signals in accordance with the specified algorithms

  • display meteorological information on the indicator with the specified accuracy

  • record and store incoming meteorological information for a specified period on a removable media

  • convert analog signals of measured weather data to ASCII code

  • transmit weather information via standard communication lines with RS-232 interface

  • work offline from a battery, solar photovoltaic battery or AC power source

Functional station units and blocks are easily removable. In terms of construction AWOS meets GOST R 55756-2013 requirements.

Operation conditions:

AWOS is installed outdoors and operates in the following climatic conditions:

  • range of working temperatures of atmospheric pressure, wind direction and wind speed measuring channels is from -60 ... +80 °C

  • range of working temperatures of temperature and humidity measuring channels is from -80 ... +80 °C

  • range of working temperatures of precipitation intensity measuring channel is from -40 ... +80 °C

  • range of atmospheric pressure is from 500 ... 1100 hPa

  • relative humidity at a temperature of 25 °C is up to 98%

  • exposure to air flow at speeds is up to 55 m/s

  • exposure to dynamic dust, sand, atmospheric condensed precipitation (dew, hoarfrost) and atmospheric precipitation (rain, snow)



  • sensors for meteorological parameters outdoor measuring (sensor units)

  • a data acquisition unit with RS-485 interface

  • automated workstation of the meteorologist

The recorder and power connection unit are located in a heat-insulated box mounted on the portable mast together with the sensors. The composition and configuration of the station are determined by weather conditions of the area.



The data can be displayed on any type of screen according to customers’ requirements. The meteorological data display example is shown below.

интерфейс 2.png