International Aero Navigation Systems Concern, JSC (IANS) is an innovative research and production company, one of the leaders in the development and implementation of advanced technologies and systems ensuring safe and efficient operations of manned and unmanned aircraft of civil aviation in Russia.

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The company was established in 2012 on the basis of Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy scientific resources. IANS staff includes 18 doctors and 64 PHDs, including 11 professors.

IANS owns more than 45 Russian and international patents and certificates.

All equipment is developed in accordance with the ICAO standards and recommended practices (SARPS) as well as the standards of the world meteorological organization (WMO), the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE), and the Radio engineering commission for aeronautics (RTCA).

IANS equipment is operated successfully in various climatic conditions, including the equator and the arctic.


IANS has completed a number of major projects in Russia, CIS and Southeast Asia and implemented innovative solutions that basically don’t have analogues, including: deployment of remote video surveillance systems, low-level wind shear warning system, wake vortex detection system behind aircraft, meteorological RADARs and others.


All   the   company's   developments   are   tested   at   the   Orlovka  flight  experimental  base  located in  Tver  region.

The  airfield  is  equipped  with  two  runways  (asphalt and unpaved)   and   is   officially   certified   for   night   operations.

The   Orlovka   airfield   is   an   accredited   test   laboratory  for unmanned   aviation   in   the   Russian   Federation.