14th meeting of the Air Navigation Committee of the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia

The agenda of the meeting: "Technologies for providing high-tech, innovative means of radio engineering and meteorological support for flights at regional airports".

Mikhail Kizilov, Chairman of the Air Navigation Committee of the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia (hereinafter UAI), made an introductory speech where he outlined the relevance of the Committee meeting with the stated agenda. In continuation of the topic, the Director General of the Institute of public-private planning, Elena Antipina, made a report on the topic of: "Public-private planning as an effective mechanism for the regional aviation development".

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Alexander Dolmatov, General Director of the LLC Radio Engineering Systems, made a report on the topic of: "A comprehensive solution for equipping regional airports with landing and navigation systems".

Evgeniy Patruhin, the adviser of the General Director for special systems and facilities of the technical research center "Promtechaero" made a report on the topic of: "A planning automation complex for airspace usage of a local ATC center with surveillance function provided by ADS-B".


Ph.D B. Zhdanov, the associate professor of the South Ural State University "Design and manufacture of radio equipment" department has presented a set of proposals to equip the reconstructed regional airports with commercially available high-tech, innovative means of radio technical flight provision systems for landing


Mikhail Kanevsky, Doctor of engineering, Professor, IANS CEO, Chairman of the TC #26 "Air Navigation Systems" Of the national technical Committee ISO (TC 323 "Aviation technology") has presented on the topic of: "A-SMGCS for low-budget airport".

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The following guests have actively participated in the agenda discussion: Evgeniy Melnikov, Deputy head of the Airspace usage management department, Deputy General Director of the "State Air Traffic Management Corporation of the Russian Federation", Aleksandr Vedernikov, Deputy head of the Federal air transport Agency of Russian Federation , Dmitry Stepanko head of the Air navigation division of the State policy department in the field of civil aviation, Alexander Korsakov acting first Deputy General Director — Director of the branch of the research Institute of air navigation, Mikhail Velkovich, General Director of the Research and Production Enterprise "Digital Radio Systems (CRTS)", and others.


The meeting was closed with a demonstration of regional A-SMGCS technology with remote control.

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Based on the discussion results, the UAI committee meeting participants prepared a draft decision and recommendations to be submitted to the Federal Executive Authorities and economic entities of the Russian Federation.


Source: UAI Air Navigation Committee.